Project Description

Client: Limerick City & County Council

The works consisted of the construction of approximately 500m of urban roadworks through Mungret Village Main Street and adjoining local roads. The works incorporated a complete urban renewal of the village, in accordance with DMURS, including the construction of a new continental style roundabout, new shared surface facilitating vehicle parking, pedestrians and cyclists in a brick paved surface.

The Church Car Park was redesigned and reconstructed. The overhead ESB Network cables have been grounded through the village as part of the scheme. The project also includes a new amenity pedestrian/cycle facility linking the town to the GAA pitch and cemetery, a new pilot LED street lighting scheme, reconstruction of all footpaths, road resurfacing, drainage and decorative street furniture. The street space was rearranged with space for vehicular traffic constricted to a 6 metre wide carriageway, the remainder was rededicated to shared pedestrian/cycle/parking area and new soft landscape green areas with tree planting. Three uncontrolled pedestrian crossings were designed atop traffic calming speed tables, which were finished in aesthetic brick pavers to complement the shared spaces.

Land take was necessary at three different locations where the existing alignment was constrained and significant accommodation works were designed following consultation with affected landowners and stakeholders. Boundary walls and an outhouse were demolished. The new set back boundaries were constructed using local stone recycled from the removal of the sod & stone ditch fronting the GAA grounds. A new dwarf stone wall was constructed fronting the GAA grounds (200m in length), segregating the trafficked carriageway from the shared cycle/pedestrian facility. This was a requirement of the Planning Department as part of the Part 8 Approval, to replace lost amenity.

MHL & Associates were appointed Employer’s Representative and Design Engineers in February 2013.

MHL also provided Project Supervisor Design Process services. MHL carried out all topographical surveying, road design, drainage design, services diversions, traffic analysis and temporary traffic management plan design, street lighting design and pavement overlay design as well as hard and soft landscaping design.