Project Description

Client: Limerick City & County Council

The aim of the project was to prepare a village centre Traffic Management Scheme with an improved Urban Street Layout to enhance the public realm environment. This plan included revised junction control, regularisation of road layout, parking management as well as improvement to pedestrian and public transport facilities. The main focus of the scheme was the upgrade of the main street (R526) through the village and to provide a high-quality environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and the mobility impaired with traffic calming measures whilst also contributing to an attractive village centre.

The scheme design complies with the NTA’s National Cycle Manual, the DTTAS’ Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (DMURS), the DTTAS’ Traffic Signs Manual and the NRA’s Design Manual for Roads And Bridges (DMRB) where appropriate.

MHL were appointed to advance the scheme in September 2015 from concept to a Part 8 stage by May 2016. Part 8 was approved in July 2016 and MHL were further appointed in October 2016 to carry Phase 1 of the scheme from stage (i) through to stage (v), ie; delivery on the ground. Public displays and public consultation played a vital role in this scheme. The scheme also involved the preparation of a screening report for Appropriate Assessment.