Project Description

Client: IDA Ireland

The project is to encompass the construction of 580m of new road pavement, including a new slip road from the Plassey Park road onto the R445, a new 40m diameter roundabout, the construction of off-road cycleways, the reconstruction of existing footpaths, reconstruction of existing bus stops and the provision of new controlled and uncontrolled pedestrian/cyclist crossings.

The carriageway width will vary over the length of the scheme. The Inlay section of the scheme (From Ch0 to New roundabout) will have a carriageway width of 7.3m with 2 X 2m off road Footpaths and 2 Cycleways on both sides of the road. 4 number off-road bus stops are incorporated into the scheme. 13 number controlled pedestrian/cyclist crossings and 7 number uncontrolled pedestrian crossings will be constructed.

The works include all associated road markings, raising of service covers on the carriageway, new gullies, new Public Lighting, tactile paving.