Project Description

Client: Cork City Council & UCC

The College Road Refurbishment Project, which was joint funded by Cork City Council & UCC, was one of the first public works contracts prepared to the new Conditions of Contract issued by the Department of Finance in 2007. The total area of works was approximately 20,000 square metres (2 Hectares) and covers 1.2km of Cork City’s streets including College Road from Magazine Road to Donovan Road, Donovan Road to Connaught Avenue and Gaol Walk.

The Project included:

  • widening carriageways and footpaths,
  • signalisation of junctions and upgrading existing signal controlled junctions,
  • construction of a number of controlled and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings,
  • setting back of UCC boundaries,
  • design of 250m length of reinforced concrete retaining wall supporting the public roadway which was widened into UCC lands,
  • structural design of new steel railing boundary treatment,
  • design of 9m wide steel gates and posts to include reinforced concrete foundations and steel connections,
  • 2km of road overlay design (SMA),
  • construction of raised speed tables in granite,
  • upgrading the public lighting,
  • grounding of entire overhead ESB Network cables,
  • road markings & signage
  • separation of storm and foul drainage network,
  • new water mains
  • street furniture and landscaping and other ancillary works necessary for the completion of the contract.

The final scheme presents a high quality environment for pedestrians, cyclists and the mobility impaired with traffic calming measures, improved bus facilities and a safer environment for all road users.